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Month: May, 2010

Ready To Get Freaky

Ready To Get Freaky

Michelle is tired of all the masturbating she does.

“I mean, it feels great and all when I’m rubbing a vibrator on my clit, but I think it’s time I felt the real thing. I’m like, obsessed with having sex. I think about it all day long.”

What’s the furthest you’ve gone?

“I’ve made out with guys and had my tits sucked. Some guy fingered me, but that was only once. We were behind the portables after school making out and stuff. He slipped a hand down my shorts and I was wetter than I’d ever been before. He stuck one finger in and said I felt really tight.”

Why didn’t you go further?

“We were going to, but right as he pulled down my shorts a teacher caught us! Ever since that day all I can think about is what it would’ve been like to have his tongue in my pussy, and his cock, too.”

Ready To Get Freaky

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Celtic Cunny

Celtic Cunny

The fire-red sheets match the curtains.

You just can’t tell because Amber shaves her little pussy till it’s as smooth as can be. But she’s 100 percent redheaded and of Irish descent. Amber is just as fiery and boisterous as her fellow Celts are known to be. “I don’t like to go on ‘dates.’ I like to go on adventures. I get bored easily so I need a guy who is energetic and fun and can keep up with me. For example, I’d say my kinkiest sex experience was when I fucked on a jet ski. It was hot! The faster he went, the faster I went. If you’re not open to doing something like that, then I’m not the girl for you.”

Amber wants a guy who’s just like her.

Daring, bold and just a little bit bad. A guy who likes to eat spicy food and fuck in public. Someone unique, adventurous and a little bit of a smart-ass. “One of the first things I ask guys is whether or not they like rollercoasters. If they say no, then I’m not interested. If they can’t handle a rollercoaster ride, then they definitely can’t handle the ride I’d give them. I’m not your typical ‘dinner and a movie’ girl. I want to go rock-climbing and then fuck like two greased weasels under the boardwalk. I’m gonna moan and make noises, too, and I don’t care who hears. And the guy I’m with shouldn’t give a damn either.”

Potential dates must also like getting their cocks sucked.

“Most people think that because I’m a redhead I’m a little wild, and they’re right. Especially when it comes to blow jobs. I love sucking dick and I really put my all into it. It’s almost like a performance. I let the guy know how much I like sucking his dick by making eye contact and moaning all horny while I have his rod in my mouth. Lots of spit is also important, and I’m getting better at deep throat. The last time I tried it was in the cafeteria during lunch! I told the guy I was hungry for sausage and I wanted to swallow his. I practically reached his balls with my lips, and he had a pretty big dick! I was proud of myself.”

Cum is the only thing that cools her down.

“There’s nothing like getting a big load of cum sprayed all over your body. I like to rub it all over my skin and just relax like that for a minute. It makes me feel like I accomplished something.”

Celtic Cunny

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Naughty Home Videos

Naughty Home Videos

What’s up with the camera?

“My boyfriend and I are having fun with it. I told him I always wanted to be in a porno, so he’s making my fantasy come true. We’re shooting our own sex movie. I’m curious to see what I look like when I fuck. I told a couple of my friends about it and they asked me if I was scared that he’d show it to other people if we broke up. The truth is I don’t really care, and it would kind of make me hot to know that other people saw my sex tape. But whether anyone ever sees it or not, I made sure to give a really hot performance.”

Goldy‘s a natural in front of the camera.

“I swear that I gave the best blow job ever when he put that camera on me. I don’t know if it’s because I was being recorded, but damn. I was so into it! I made lots of eye contact, moaned all sexy and let the spit dribble out of my mouth and onto his cock. I sucked it down deep and talked dirty into the camera while I jerked it.”

How was the sex?

“It was great. My boyfriend and I were both so horny. When I watched the video later on I was surprised how hot it was. I got horny again watching my ass bounce up and down his cock and hearing my little moans of pleasure. I was so proud of it I kind of wanted to show other people. One other thing I noticed was how my buttcheeks jiggle a lot when my boyfriend pounds me hard. Now I know why guys like to do doggie-style so much; they want to see that ass go! And ohmigosh, at the end my boyfriend blew the biggest load ever all over my face!”

Naughty Home Videos

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Rockin’ Shock Jock Cock

Rockin' Shock Jock Cock

Kylie gets drippy for smooth talkin’ men.

“I grew up listening to DJ Rob on the radio. He was always so funny and witty in his interviews, and he knows a lot about music. Especially classic rock, which is like, my favorite. I applied for an internship at the station he DJs at just so I could meet him. I was so starstruck when I finally did. I acted like a total nerd, stuttering and fidgeting. But he made me feel right at home, and even let me into the studio to show me the equipment. It was fun, but to be honest, I was more interested in the equipment in his pants. His package looked huge, and it seemed to be getting bigger by the minute. I knew this was my chance to fulfill one of my long-time fantasies.”

How was his shock jock cock?

“It was shocking! So big and hard and juicy. I got close to him and put my hand on his crotch and felt his boner. He didn’t stop me so I took it out, and I was very happy with what I saw. It was pointing straight up for me and there was a drop of precum at the top. He was just as horny for me as I was for him. He told me that he wasn’t used to messing around with girls my age, and that he was eager to feel how hot my mouth was and how tight my little pussy was.”

What happened next?

“Both my mouth and pussy were so hot and wet. I was practically drooling to taste his cock. I spit all over it, put it in my mouth and sucked it really hard. He told me to keep sucking his head and jerk the rest with my hand, and he came that way! I’d never made a guy cum with my mouth before. He was pretty impressed, too.”

Was your little pussy as tight as he hoped it would be?

“It sure seemed that way. When he put it in me he kept groaning and saying, ‘Oh, yeah.’ And I could really feel his cock stretching my pussy and filling me up. And even though he already came once, the second load he blew was really big! He said it was all thanks to my pussy.”

Rockin' Shock Jock Cock

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Choie’s Perky Betty boops

Nubile Ones

Choie is a delicious brunette teen beauty who has always had a thing about showing off her delicious body for just about anyone who wants to see her. Ever since she turned eighteen Choie has flashed her delicious perky milk cans for anyone who wanted to see them and that delicious bare honey pot of hers has seen more tongues than Choie can count! Choie enjoys being such a teeny rod tease though because it always guarantees that she’s going to get her rocks off one way or another and she loved the feeling of power as she watched the faces of guys watching her flashing her tight toned body.

A week or so ago Choie met one of her dad’s friends who suggested that she drop by for a few photo sessions to build her modeling portfolio. He was hot sure that he was going to get laid and Choie was definite that she was going to get laid once he laid eyes on her cunt. As the photo shoot started out things were gorgeous normal but once Choie started to take off her clothes for the camera she saw his large sausage getting even harder as he focussed on her slick pussy!

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Always Hot

Always Hot

Summer has a lot of summer flings.

And a lot of fall fucks. And winter wangs. And…well, you get the point. Summer hooks up all year long. “It’s appropriate that my name is Summer because I’m always hot. I just love to fuck all the time. I can’t wait to go to college because I know it’ll be raining dicks. And pussies, too. I like to play with guys and girls, but to be honest, guys are my favorite. And at college I know there will be so much to choose from. It gets me horny thinking about all the sex that I’m going to have. I’ll definitely be one hot, wet Summer!”

So there’s a lot of sex in her future. But there’s a lot of dicks in the present, too.

Summer‘s college sex plans were arousing and titillating, but we wanted to know more about the kind of sex she’s having now. We already knew she was fucking a lot, and we wouldn’t stand for her not telling us the juicy details. Luckily, modesty is not one of Summer‘s finer qualities. “Well, I fucked like crazy last night. I met some guy at the pool of the hotel I’m staying at. The second I saw him he totally gave me a girl-boner. I made sure to strut around in my bikini to get his attention, and it worked. We started talking, and then we went over to the Jacuzzi. Before I knew it we were making out and dry humping. He started sucking on my tits, and once that happens there’s no going back.”

Once Summer‘s pussy is wet, she needs a hard cock inside of it as soon as possible.

And dry humping and titty sucking is a sure way to get her water works running. That’s why Summer knew that as soon as her boobs went in that stranger’s mouth, his dick would be going into her pussy. “I got hornier and hornier the more he sucked on my tits. I was totally wet and it wasn’t just because we were in the water. So we went up to his hotel room and got it on. He ate my pussy so good. Like he really buried his face in my cunt, and he rubbed his nose on my clit. He made me cum that way, and then he made me cum a few more times with his cock. I’m surprised that no one called security because I was screaming so loud. This doesn’t happen often, but eventually I had to tap out. I was so sensitive and couldn’t cum anymore. But the guy still wasn’t finished. He was a beast!”

Wanna know how he came?

“I sucked him off till the end and he shot a big, hot load down in my mouth. I swallowed every drop.”

Always Hot

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