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Always Hot

Always Hot

Summer has a lot of summer flings.

And a lot of fall fucks. And winter wangs. And…well, you get the point. Summer hooks up all year long. “It’s appropriate that my name is Summer because I’m always hot. I just love to fuck all the time. I can’t wait to go to college because I know it’ll be raining dicks. And pussies, too. I like to play with guys and girls, but to be honest, guys are my favorite. And at college I know there will be so much to choose from. It gets me horny thinking about all the sex that I’m going to have. I’ll definitely be one hot, wet Summer!”

So there’s a lot of sex in her future. But there’s a lot of dicks in the present, too.

Summer‘s college sex plans were arousing and titillating, but we wanted to know more about the kind of sex she’s having now. We already knew she was fucking a lot, and we wouldn’t stand for her not telling us the juicy details. Luckily, modesty is not one of Summer‘s finer qualities. “Well, I fucked like crazy last night. I met some guy at the pool of the hotel I’m staying at. The second I saw him he totally gave me a girl-boner. I made sure to strut around in my bikini to get his attention, and it worked. We started talking, and then we went over to the Jacuzzi. Before I knew it we were making out and dry humping. He started sucking on my tits, and once that happens there’s no going back.”

Once Summer‘s pussy is wet, she needs a hard cock inside of it as soon as possible.

And dry humping and titty sucking is a sure way to get her water works running. That’s why Summer knew that as soon as her boobs went in that stranger’s mouth, his dick would be going into her pussy. “I got hornier and hornier the more he sucked on my tits. I was totally wet and it wasn’t just because we were in the water. So we went up to his hotel room and got it on. He ate my pussy so good. Like he really buried his face in my cunt, and he rubbed his nose on my clit. He made me cum that way, and then he made me cum a few more times with his cock. I’m surprised that no one called security because I was screaming so loud. This doesn’t happen often, but eventually I had to tap out. I was so sensitive and couldn’t cum anymore. But the guy still wasn’t finished. He was a beast!”

Wanna know how he came?

“I sucked him off till the end and he shot a big, hot load down in my mouth. I swallowed every drop.”

Always Hot

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