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Month: October, 2010

Hanna – Cute blonde thrusts plug into twat

Devin and Hanna – Lovely teens tongue sweet pussies

Hanna and Tracey – Innocent teens lick finger and toy

Lena Gets A Sex Lesson

Her Old Teacher

Lena isn’t the kind of chick that has slept with a lot of guys, in fact she’s only ever slept with one man and thinking about sleeping with anyone else made her sexy nervous. Lena knew that she wasn’t the best in bed and when a guy that she’d been sweet on had asked her out she was so nervous that he was going to take her back to his apartment and expect her to sleep with him. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do and then, just before she started getting ready to go one of her neighbors dropped by and Lena saw the consummate opportunity to practice!

Lena asked her neighbor if he would help her with something and when he said yes he had no idea what he was in for. Lena told him that she needed practice with teasing dick because a boy she really liked was coming over later and she was afraid that she wouldn’t know what she was doing. He seemed to like the idea and soon he was showing Lena all of the tricks that he knew. He slid his cock in to her warm slick mouth and showed her everything she’d need to know about keeping a guy happy!

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Sexy Senior

Sexy Senior

Now that Colby is a senior,she’s at the top of her school’s food chain.

And she’s loving every minute of it because she gets her pick of cock–from the popular jocks to the class president, and even the math nerds. Yeah, life is good when you’re young and hot. “I’ve fucked a guy from every group in my school. For a while I was dating this pitcher on the baseball team. His cock was like a baseball bat–long and skinny! Then I had sex with the valedictorian of the school. I would always make jokes calling him the vale-dick-torian ’cause he had a huge dick. But my favorite fuck…well, I probably shouldn’t be admitting this, but what the hell. Who’s gonna find out? My favorite was the president of the math club. He’s such a huge nerd, but he made me cum like crazy! Never underestimate the quiet ones!”

Guess who’s up next on her “to-do” list…

“I totally want to fuck my science teacher. He has this salt-and-pepper hair and these sexy glasses. All the girls totally have a crush on him, but he doesn’t pay attention to any of us! That just makes us all want him more. He’s totally my dream screw. I always fantasize about him in class, and my pussy gets all wet.”

But there’s another group that Colby also has her sights on…

“I’ve never fooled around with a girl before, and I totally want to screw the whole cheerleading squad. Seriously, all those girls are like, so hot. I think we could all have a lot of fun. I have lots of toys and we could use them on each other. And since they’re all so flexible, they could spread their legs really wide while I eat them out. The only thing is I don’t know how to go about getting them to fool around with me. Maybe I should invite them over for a sleepover and put on an X-rated lezzie movie and see what happens!”

Sexy Senior

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Bedroom Banging Teen

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Fit For Fucking

Fit For Fucking

Do you like to workout, Vanessa?

“Yes, I do. I’ve always been active. Exercising just makes me feel better. I get so many benefits from it. I stay healthy, fit and horny! I really think that exercising is the key to feeling sexy. It keeps your body in shape so you feel confident, and I read somewhere that it makes you want to have sex and helps you last longer when you do. It seems to be working for me. And I find that one of the best times to have sex is right after you workout when you’re all hot and sweaty.”

What’s so great about post-workout sex?

“I think it’s the subtle smell of the other person’s sweat and that post-workout high that you’re already feeling. It triggers some kind of animal magnetism in our brains or something and it just makes sex feel so good.”

What’s your favorite kind of exercise?

“I like to run and do yoga and lift weights. But sex is definitely my favorite form of exercise. It’s intense, it gets your heart rate up, it feels amazing, and it’s something that I’m always willing to do.”

Fit For Fucking

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Buck Naked on a Boat

Buck Naked on a Boat

Jessica is the perfect teen beach bunny. She has long, blonde hair, a svelte figure and smooth, tanned skin. She’s the bikini babe who makes you stay in the water a bit longer so that no one sees the tent you’re pitching. She’s the girl you practically break your neck for while staring at her walk by on the sand. In this video she’s getting kinky on a boat. With no around, its just you and her in a tropical paradise. Her tiny bikini comes off to expose her small tits, tight ass and perfectly shaven pussy. Her puffy pussy lips looks amazing as she spreads them apart and sticks her finger inside her tight slit. “I really need to get off right now. I hope you’ll get off with me,” she says. You heard the girl. Now don’t let her down!

Buck Naked on a Boat

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