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Month: April, 2011

Hanna – Petite cutie dildos quim on balcony

Hanna – Delightful teen strips and spreads

Hanna – Adorable teen gets wet and fingers

Finding Her G-Spot

Finding Her G-Spot

What’s up with that book you’re looking at, Isabella?

“It’s a sex book! It has all kinds of dirty pictures in it. Like, really close-up and detailed pictures of vaginas and penises. I felt so naughty looking at it, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it. My boyfriend was also pretty interested in it, too. There’s something in there about the G-spot. I wasn’t sure I knew where mine was, so my boyfriend offered to help me find it… with his big ol’ dick, of course!”

So he started fucking you right away?

“No. We fooled around first. I sucked his cock and he went down on me. He said he could feel my G-spot with his finger!”

So has this revelation made your sex life better?

“It was always good, but I do like knowing what’s going on down there! Now that I learned a little about sexual anatomy, I think the sex I have with my man is always good because his cock is shaped in the perfect way to hit my G-spot!”

Finding Her G-Spot

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Hanna – Innocent teen invitingly spreads

Bikini Matches Pink Pussy

Bikini Matches Pink Pussy

Franziska is a sexy, slinky, slim German with a beautiful face and a yen for bikinis. She’s a little on the haughty side, like how these high-steppin’ fashion models behave. The cameraman, who is almost three times her age, has photographed thousands of girls and he knows talent when he sees it. He asks her to speak German for him. He slowly builds up his rap and pervs good on Franziska who responds very well to his porny patter about sex, playing with herself, sucking balls and wet pussy. She is awesome in her pink string bikini. She takes it off, revealing her gorgeous, young body. Our man gives Fransika detailed smutty instructions while he rolls his POV camera, practically drooling over her tender skin. “You make noises when you’re getting fucked? You like guys pounding into ya? Let me see that wet pussy some more. I wanna see you spread your ass.” On and on. She goes from indifferent to totally compliant in steps. Which goes to prove yet again that it takes a dirty male brain to get a chick to do a very hot and horny solo video. This is as close to a mindfuck as any girl is gonna get from anyone, with or without a camera.

Bikini Matches Pink Pussy

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Naughty Little Sister

Naughty Little Sister

The best thing about being the younger sister to a bunch of brothers is that you get to fuck their hot friends. And the friend that Colby fucks in this video happens to like warming up her pussy with lots of oral and fingering. Colby returns the favor, coating his cock with her spit, and then her pussy juices. Is he afraid that her brothers will find out and kick his ass? With a girl as hot as Colby, he doesn’t give a shit as long as he gets to fuck that pussy! Her supple ass looks delicious bouncing up and down his cock. And her face looks even better covered in cum!

Naughty Little Sister

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Hardcore Fucked Fresh Teen Cindy Cel

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Caramel Cutie

Caramel Cutie

Have you had sex yet, Abby?

“Twice. It kind of hurt, but in a good way, and it was only when they first put their dick in. After a few strokes it felt good. I’m still getting used to sex even though I’ve put a dildo in my pussy before!”

How does the dildo compare to the real thing?

“It’s totally different. Both have their good and bad parts. The thing is that when I have a dildo, I’m the one controlling it. And obviously when the guy is fucking me I don’t really have control over his dick. I like that though; I never know what he’s going to do to me next. The downside is that I can cum with a dildo, but I don’t think I’ve had an orgasm from sex yet. My friend told me not to worry, that sometimes it takes a little while to figure it out. I can totally cum from being eaten out though, so that’s cool! I’m not going to worry about it though. I know I’ll cum from sex soon.”

Why do you think you haven’t had an orgasm from having sex yet?

“Well, I’ve only had sex twice! So I’m not the most experienced person. I know I’m capable of having orgasms because I’ve made myself cum plenty of times before. I got close to cumming during sex the second time I did it. I felt something building up inside of me while the guy was pounding my pussy. I tensed up and started breathing hard, and I dug my nails into his back. I told him to keep fucking me hard. But I guess that turned the guy on so much that he came right at that moment, and so I never reached my orgasm. Better luck next time, huh?”

Caramel Cutie

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