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Month: June, 2010

Rose Teasing Her Twat

Nubile Ones

Rose is a sexy blonde coed who was found by her neighbor, a photographer. Rose was still living with her parents when she turned eighteen and when her neighbor found out that she was finally eighteen he just couldn’t help himself. He dropped by to take her a little something to celebrate and inside her card he wrote for her to drop by and see him when she had time. Rose wasn’t too sure what it was all about but she went over to his place the day after to see what he was up to.

When she walked in the house was hot empty but her neighbor took her through to the living room and they sat and talked. Her neighbor told Rose that she would make a great porn model if she was ever interested in making some extra money. Rose was always looking for some extra money so she asked him when she could start doing pictures with him. He told her that if she was ready he could start by taking a few snaps of her tight body right then and there. Rose couldn’t get her clothes off fast enough!

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Kitchen Counter Shagging

Beautiful blonde chick wildly fucking on kitchen counter Click here to watch this gallery

Sophia Shows You Her Wild Side

Sophia Shows You Her Wild Side

Sophia is your typical girly-girl who likes to go shopping, get her nails done and wear pink. She says that posing naked in front of a camera is what she’s always wanted to do, and we’re pleased to be the ones who made her dream come true. “I like to show off my body,” Sophia says. She has tiny, little titties, a shaved pussy and a seriously juicy ass. “My favorite feature is my butt. I love it,” she says. This teen flattie also loves the way that the vibration of a motorcycle feels between her legs. We don’t have a motorcycle to give her that nice sensation in her crotch, so Sophia uses her hand to make herself cum. Watch her moan and writhe and cum while her fingers do the work!

Sophia Shows You Her Wild Side

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Dildo Drilled Teen Slut

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Maybe I’m Just A Slut!

Maybe I'm Just A Slut!

Tell us a little about yourself, Phoenix.

“I just started my first semester of college, but I’m not sure what I want to major in yet. I like to listen to music, go out dancing and play paintball. But you guys want me to get to the good stuff, right? Well, I masturbate a lot, and you could say that I have a healthy dating life. There’s always a guy around to keep me entertained. If you asked any of my friends, they would probably all describe me as really horny and always fucking. That’s why they always come to me with sex questions.”

“So my girlfriend was asking me for some advice…”

“She was really horny and she was going on a date, but she didn’t want to put out too soon. She was asking me what to do. I told her to get her freak on! I mean, why deny yourself? If I’m horny and I’m on a date, I wanna fuck. Then I stepped outside myself and listened to what I was saying, and I couldn’t help but laugh and say, ‘Maybe I’m just like, a slut.'”

As long as you’re cool with being a slut…

“I’m not like, a total slut. I just like to have sex, and I’m not good at waiting. I want cock and I want it now! I just don’t get the point of waiting. Some girls think you’ll ruin your chances with a guy if you fuck him too soon, and I guess there’s some truth to that. But I’m not looking for a boyfriend anyway. Just sex friends.”

Maybe I'm Just A Slut!

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Barely-There Boobies

Barely-There Boobies

Hey Raven, are you like, a goth chick? We heard goth chicks are slutty.

“Yeah, I’m a goth girl, but I don’t know if I’m slutty. I like to have sex and give blow jobs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a slut, right? Well, there was this one time I went to a rock concert and totally gave a guy head behind a trailer. He probably thought I was easy ’cause I was on my friend’s shoulder flashing my boobs. But that incident doesn’t count, right?”

Um, it kind of does…

“Oh well. That was only one time! Maybe showing my boobs off to the crowd turned me on. I always get a little excited and horny when I’m naked in public.”

When else are you naked in public?

“Does changing in fitting rooms count as being naked in public? I don’t know why, but I find something arousing about undressing inside a store. I’ll take pictures of myself on my cellphone and send them to my boy du jour. And sometimes I get the urge to run out of the fitting room naked and go streaking inside the store. I’m way too shy to try it, but the thought is always on my mind. But what really satisfies my craving to be naked in public is going to nude beaches while I’m on vacation. That’s a lot of fun, but I have to watch out ’cause I’ll sunburn if I’m not careful! But that kind of works in my favor ’cause I get to ask hot guys to rub sunblock on me. I even let them rub the lotion on my butt and titties. I guess that’s a little slutty, but not all the way slutty.”

What would you consider ‘all the way slutty?’

“Like, let’s say I asked one of those guys who rubs sunblock on me to go fuck in the water or something. That’d be all the way slutty. I prefer being half-way slutty. That’s like when you’re not afraid to get kinky, but you still have some standards when it comes to guys. You don’t give up your pussy to just anyone. Like, I’ll dress gothy and slutty, but it doesn’t mean I’m gonna put out. I have to kind of know you for that. But once I’ve decided that I want to fuck a guy, I’ll let loose. I like to have hot candle wax poured down my back, and I just love sharing a cock with another girl. And I always want to try new things!”

Barely-There Boobies

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Rough Rider

Rough Rider

“I’m happy to say that I’m a recovered prude.”

It’s a common trait with virgins. They freeze like a deer in headlights the first time a one-eyed trouser snake stares them in the face. They’re afraid to touch it or suck it, and when it comes to fucking they’re stiffer than a plank of wood. “I was terrible when I first started having sex. I would just lie there and not do anything. I guess it was ’cause I was nervous. But I am so not like that anymore. It took me a little while, but I finally met a guy who was able to get me to loosen up when it came to sex.”

Tell us how he managed to do that.

“He reassured me that I had nothing to be nervous about, and that sex is about having fun. Mind you, at this time I didn’t even like to take off my bra during sex! I realized he was right and threw all my inhibitions out the door. That night I tried a whole bunch of new positions and moaned really loud and had the most intense orgasm.”

“Watch the cum drip out of me.”

Now dirty talking, hard poundings and creampies are all Michelle‘s sexual protocols. “I only do creampies with my boyfriend, and they’re so awesome. I love the feeling of a guy cumming inside of me, like when I can feel his cock throbbing with his orgasm and all his hot jizz filling up my pussy.”

Rough Rider

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Choie’s Perky Nubbies

Nubile Ones

Choie is a delicious brunette teen babe who has always had a thing about showing off her delicious body for just about anyone who wants to see her. Ever since she turned eighteen Choie has flashed her delicious perky baubles for anyone who wanted to see them and that delicious bare cunt of hers has seen more tongues than Choie can count! Choie enjoys being such a teen weenie tease though because it always guarantees that she’s going to get her rocks off one way or another and she loved the feeling of power as she watched the faces of men watching her flashing her tight toned body.

A week or so ago Choie met one of her dad’s friends who suggested that she drop by for a few photo sessions to build her modeling portfolio. He was beautiful sure that he was going to get laid and Choie was definite that she was going to get laid once he laid eyes on her twat. As the photo shoot started out things were pretty normal but once Choie started to take off her clothes for the camera she saw his large cock getting even harder as he focussed on her juicy pussy!

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Big Fat Clit

Big Fat Clit

What satisfies you the most, Jasmine?

“When a guy puts my pussy in his mouth. I have a big, fat clit and I love oral sex. My clit is so sensitive that even just gently stroking it with your hand can make me cum. But nothing tops a warm tongue licking it. I also like it when a guy fucks me with his tongue and uses his nose to rub against my clit. Just as long as something is rubbing against my button I’m a happy camper.”

Do you return the favor to the guys who go down on you?

“Yes, I do. Sucking dick is fun. I like it when the guy puts his hand on the back of my head and pushes me down his cock. Not too hard or anything, but with just the right amount of pressure. As long as he asks me before he does it I’m cool with it. I like it when men are aggressive and assertive with me, and when they tell me what to do when I blow them.”

Do you like oral more than regular sex, Jasmine?

“That’s a tough one. I really like them both a lot, and the orgasms I have from oral are just as intense as the ones I have from sex. But at the end of the day I’m going to have to say that I like sex more. Because after a guy eats my pussy, all I want to do is fuck, even if I’ve already cum like three times. I’m not completely satisfied till I cum from a cock.”

Big Fat Clit

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Toni Sucks ramrod

New Porn Talent

Toni had been looking for a new job for months, she had been fired from her last job for giving her phone number to one of the customers. Toni thought it was completely unfair but no matter how she pleaded her case her boss wouldn’t give her her job back and so she was left with bills to pay and no job. As a last resort Toni picked up a local paper and looked through the classifieds section. There were a few waitressing jobs but nothing that paid her enough to actually survive on. Then she came across Alex’s ad for models.

When Toni showed up at the studio for her interview she wasn’t really sure what to expect. She’d never modeled before and it made her nervous that Alex had told her she might have to get naked. Might was a nice-looking large understatement considering the fact that ten minutes in to her interview Alex stuck his cock in her face and told her to suck it! She couldn’t help herself though, not only because she wanted the job but because it had been so long since she had felt a fat ramrod inside her tight cunt!

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