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Ready To Get Freaky

Ready To Get Freaky

Michelle is tired of all the masturbating she does.

“I mean, it feels great and all when I’m rubbing a vibrator on my clit, but I think it’s time I felt the real thing. I’m like, obsessed with having sex. I think about it all day long.”

What’s the furthest you’ve gone?

“I’ve made out with guys and had my tits sucked. Some guy fingered me, but that was only once. We were behind the portables after school making out and stuff. He slipped a hand down my shorts and I was wetter than I’d ever been before. He stuck one finger in and said I felt really tight.”

Why didn’t you go further?

“We were going to, but right as he pulled down my shorts a teacher caught us! Ever since that day all I can think about is what it would’ve been like to have his tongue in my pussy, and his cock, too.”

Ready To Get Freaky

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