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Celtic Cunny

Celtic Cunny

The fire-red sheets match the curtains.

You just can’t tell because Amber shaves her little pussy till it’s as smooth as can be. But she’s 100 percent redheaded and of Irish descent. Amber is just as fiery and boisterous as her fellow Celts are known to be. “I don’t like to go on ‘dates.’ I like to go on adventures. I get bored easily so I need a guy who is energetic and fun and can keep up with me. For example, I’d say my kinkiest sex experience was when I fucked on a jet ski. It was hot! The faster he went, the faster I went. If you’re not open to doing something like that, then I’m not the girl for you.”

Amber wants a guy who’s just like her.

Daring, bold and just a little bit bad. A guy who likes to eat spicy food and fuck in public. Someone unique, adventurous and a little bit of a smart-ass. “One of the first things I ask guys is whether or not they like rollercoasters. If they say no, then I’m not interested. If they can’t handle a rollercoaster ride, then they definitely can’t handle the ride I’d give them. I’m not your typical ‘dinner and a movie’ girl. I want to go rock-climbing and then fuck like two greased weasels under the boardwalk. I’m gonna moan and make noises, too, and I don’t care who hears. And the guy I’m with shouldn’t give a damn either.”

Potential dates must also like getting their cocks sucked.

“Most people think that because I’m a redhead I’m a little wild, and they’re right. Especially when it comes to blow jobs. I love sucking dick and I really put my all into it. It’s almost like a performance. I let the guy know how much I like sucking his dick by making eye contact and moaning all horny while I have his rod in my mouth. Lots of spit is also important, and I’m getting better at deep throat. The last time I tried it was in the cafeteria during lunch! I told the guy I was hungry for sausage and I wanted to swallow his. I practically reached his balls with my lips, and he had a pretty big dick! I was proud of myself.”

Cum is the only thing that cools her down.

“There’s nothing like getting a big load of cum sprayed all over your body. I like to rub it all over my skin and just relax like that for a minute. It makes me feel like I accomplished something.”

Celtic Cunny

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