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Two Vagitarians

Two Vagitarians

No one was sleeping at this slumber party.

Typically Star and Cali spend their slumber parties gossiping, brushing each other’s hair, snuggling during movies and eating popcorn. But one hot night they decided to add pussy eating to their repertoire of slumber party activities. “Neither of us has been with a guy before, and we were both tired of waiting to fool around. So we just did it with each other. After all, girls know what girls like,” said Cali.

How’d you girls end up fooling around?

“Well,” said Star, “we’ve always been pretty affectionate with each other. I was brushing Cali‘s hair and we were talking about boys and stuff, and I just got this idea to kiss her. It couldn’t be that much different than kissing a boy, right? And we both needed the experience. And then it just happened. I thought it was only going to be an innocent little kiss, but I guess both of us got really turned on. We started touching each other’s boobs and taking off our tops, and before I knew it we were sucking each other’s nipples!”

They worked their way down.

Cali licked and sucked from my tits down to my twat. I got so wet!” said Star.

Guess Cali‘s favorite position.

“It is totally 69,” said Cali. “I liked that both of us were giving and receiving at the same time.”

It wasn’t a one time thing.

The girls liked their pussy pajama party so much that it’s now a weekly event for them. “At least until we find boyfriends,” said Cali. “And if or when we do it’s perfectly fine. We’re not going to be jealous. We might even share our boys!”

Two Vagitarians

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