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Flattie Lust

Flattie Lust

“Having little titties is so much fun!”

We totally agree with Destiny on that one. 18eighteen readers know that flat girls are hot, but sometimes teen girls don’t realize that not every guy wants a busty chick. There are guys who like tiny tits, too! But Destiny is confident with her A-cups. “I don’t care about not having big boobs. I like my little, perky tits. They’re cute, and I don’t have to wear a bra or anything. So flashing guys is easy because I just lift up my shirt and there they are!”

Do you flash guys often?

“No, not that often. Really, the only times I’ve done it have been on the bus. I sit in the back and flash the cars behind us. I press my boobs up against the glass, too. The drivers always go crazy and start honking and waving. That’s how I know that there are guys out there who like girls with little tits!”

That’s not all she does back there.

Destiny‘s stop is the last one. As the number of riders dwindles stop after stop, she lets her naughty side loose. “I think it’s time that I had sex already, because I’m getting a little too crazy with the masturbating. I’ve started doing it on the bus! I think the bumpy ride kind of turns me on or something. That, and there’s this guy that I have a crush on who gets off on the same stop as me. He always sits in the front, but I wish he’d come sit in the back with me.”

What do you do while you’re back there?

“I mostly just rub my clit while I stare at the back of that guy’s head. It’s funny how I have enough nerve to flash random strangers, but I’m way too scared to even talk to him! I never finish on the bus; I save that for when I get home. I get out my favorite vibrator and think about having my first time with my crush.”

Flattie Lust

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