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Tasha Gets A Lesson In Sucking Fuck tool

Mature Lessons

Tasha went to work in some kind of bad mood last week and one of her good friends and co-workers, Angie asked her what was wrong. Tasha told her that she and her boyfriend had had a fight and that in the middle of it he had blurted out that she was the worst dick sucker he’d ever had the chance to get his ramrod sucked by. Angie couldn’t believe it but she put her hand on Tasha’s and leaning over she whispered to Tasha that she would be happy to give her a few tips if she felt like it was true.

It was just a few nights later that Angie showed up at Tasha’s to give her and her boyfriend a few lessons in how to really suck dick and be a good lover. Tasha’s boyfriend was nervous at first to have two chicks teasing his cock at once but he soon settled down once he felt how good Angies lips felt around his dick. He watched as Tasha took a few pointers and while she watched Angie he slid his fingers in to her tight wet pussy to tease her!

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