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So Bootyful

So Bootyful

Emiliana, you have a great body. You must spend a lot of time exercising.

“I do exercise but not that much. I like to go jogging a few times a week. And I go to the gym when I can. My favorite way to exercise is to have sex. Nothing gets me hot and sweaty like a good fucking.

Do you know how much work a girl has to do when she’s on top?

A lot! And I love being on top. It’s my favorite way to cum.”

Did you get that ass from working out?

“No, I was born with this ass, baby! Sometimes I do squats to work my ass, though. I’ll squat at the gym, and I’ll squat over a guy’s cock. But no matter how much I diet or workout, my booty will always be big and fat. I’m not complaining, though. I sure like it that way, and so do the guys I fuck!

So Bootyful

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