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Ginger Pixie

Ginger Pixie

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Trinity around.

Since the Jan. ’08 issue, to be specific. Back then she was boning her dentist, who was an older man. He’s not giving her fillings any more, but Trinity, like most teen girls, still loves older men. “Older guys are just so hot,” she said. “They do everything better than boys my age. Older guys treat girls better, they’re smarter and nicer. They lick pussy better, fuck better and they know how to do a girl in the ass better! I’m not boning the dentist anymore, but I’d still rather date an older guy. The last guy I was with introduced me to anal sex. I had already been experimenting with it, but he took me to the next level.”

“I couldn’t have done those kinds of things with a young guy.”

Those kinds of things being anal and kinky bondage games. “I just wouldn’t have trusted a younger guy to know what he was doing. If I’m going to do something like get tied up and fucked in the ass, I want to do it with someone who is experienced. The last guy I was with was a sailor, so he knew how to tie really good knots. He tied my hands behind me and told me to get on my knees. He was just going to lick my asshole, but I got so turned on that I told him to stick it in. Ever since then I’ve been a total butt slut.”

Want to know Trinity‘s record for orgasms?

“One night I came 10 times. I’m not even exaggerating! Usually I just cum like, three times. But I guess I was super horny. We weren’t even doing anything that kinky, just regular oral and sex. But I was sooo into it.”

Ginger Pixie

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