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Cheeky During Chores

Cheeky During Chores

This might sound weird, but Veronica actually likes doing chores.

“I guess that’s a good thing since I don’t know how to cook,” Veronica told us with a laugh. She is a self-proclaimed neat freak and keeps her surroundings spotless. “I can’t stand a mess! I drive my friends crazy with it too, because I’ll go to their houses and start picking up their rooms. But lately I’ve been pretty busy cleaning my house. My parents are out of town on vacation, and since it’s summer break I’m home all day. So I’m in charge of keeping everything clean. I don’t mind it, especially since now I can do all my chores naked. I’ll put some music on loud, get naked and clean and dance! I have so much fun doing that!” Wouldn’t you love to have a girl like Veronica as your maid?

She wants a guy to watch her, too!

Veronica doesn’t just like to keep a tidy home, she wants a guy who will appreciate it. “If I could have things my way, I’d totally just be a housewife. I’d be naked all day, and my husband or my boyfriend could watch me while I sweep or mop completely nude. Well, I might wear some sexy heels or fluffy slippers while I do it. Then it would turn him on so much that he would pick me up and fuck me right on the counter. He’d better cum in my mouth though, or else it’ll be too messy if his cum gets everywhere!” Now that’s what we call having ambition in life.

Veronica‘s neighbor appreciates her cleanliness.

“Ohmigod, just the other day, I totally caught my neighbor spying on me through a window and jacking off while I was naked! He saw everything. I was on all fours scrubbing the floor, and he had a clear view of my bare pussy and ass. He fucked up though, ’cause he moved and that’s when I heard something. I turned around and I saw something move in the window. So I went to look outside, and I saw him jump the fence in a hurry. I didn’t really mind it. It kind of turned me on. I think he was more embarrassed than I was! He’s been avoiding me ever since.”

Cheeky During Chores

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