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One Author’s Porn Confessions

Hayley Macmillan wrote an article about the type of porn she likes to watch on Refinery 29. It’s interesting, because she says she is a feminist, but that the types of porn she likes to watch are never of the feminist porn variety, which tends to show diverse types of bodies and gender identities in sexual if not unusual situations. Hayley admits that she likes porn that is shot from “the male gaze” and that she loves rough sex and BDSM to be a part of her videos. She likes to see the submissives objectified and enjoys gonzo porn movies as opposed to ones that have a storyline. She laments that some feminists find this type of porn, well, not that great, but she just loves it!

According to research done by other women, Hayley might be out of the norm. Other women writers have said that women want at least 20 minutes of foreplay in their porn movies, and that they are a little freaked out by porn that is just all about fucking and rough sex. Hayley says she skips ahead to the fucking and she is not at all freaked out by it! However, in her travels to learn more about porn, Hayley was interested to learn that feminist porn doesn’t just have to be soft butch lesbians making out and strap on fucking, it can be rough and even encompass BDSM. She found that the actual definition of feminist porn is that it is simply made by women, or other marginalized groups, shows real pleasure and does its best to “challenge stereotypes.”

According to porn performer Kelly Shibari, a lot of mainstream porn is actually produced in a feminist, or humanist way, as she called it. “Even if scenes are perceived as misogynistic, on the production end, they do respect a performer’s boundaries,” she told Hayley.

Whatever type of porn you watch, there’s no need to be ashamed or wonder if it’s the right porn for you. If it feels right, it’s right!

Source: One Author’s Porn Confessions


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I’ve always had a problem with local chicks. A lot of the chicks that I meet through work in my local area turn out to be bitches. We’re talking about chicks that are so self-absorbed and so materialistic that it’s not even funny. I’m not saying that I’m broke. I’m not saying that I don’t have a fancy car or a big house or money in the bank. I have all that but the problem is when you’re dealing with chicks that are so materialistic that it’s really hard to break through.


You have to basically just dangle all sorts of trinkets in front of them and it only takes one bad experience for you to want to walk away from all of it. As the old saying goes, “If you use money as a hook, the only fish that you will catch are gold diggers”. Do you see where I’m coming from? And sadly in Southern California the best way to hook up is to roll up in a Range Rover or a late model of Mercedes Benz. While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with BMW, having money in the bank and being physically fit and portraying the whole Southern California persona there is everything wrong with being a very superficial person.


That’s why I was very miserable to find sex near me until I saw the light. I saw that I was trying to be a clone of everybody else. You have to remember that the mother’s milk of the economy of Southern California is the entertainment industry. This is why everybody is walking around in fake tans. Everybody’s walking around in late model BMWs or Mercedes Benz or some other type of German automotive engineering. It seems like everybody is in the rush to be just like everybody else. It’s as if everybody is trying to have this cookie-cutter template that they’re trying to aspire to.


When I broke out of that and I got sick and tired of that shit I stopped tanning and I started doing my own thing, let my hair grow and drive whatever I wanted to drive and hit the beach surfing, I got more pussy. So what’s the moral of the story? If you are serious about answering the fundamental question of how to find sex near me, the answer is actually simpler than you think. The answer is to be yourself.


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The Anatomy of a Local Hookup From Hell

If you’ve managed to get a local hookup, I congratulate you. I really do. Why? Online dating is one of those things that you really need to work hard to get your first victory

The hardest part about hooking up online is getting that first hookup. It’s like being a salesman and working on your first sale. Once you get that first sale going, you will be flooded with sales. It’s all about getting that first sale. It’s the same with online dating. Once you get that first date going, it becomes so much easier for you to hook up future dates.

The reason for this is because you’re dealing with uncertainty. When you first started, you didn’t know if this whole thing would work. You’ve heard about all the amazing stories and success that your friends have had, but you still don’t know whether to trust if this is going to work for you. Once you figure out for yourself that it’s actually real, then you will become more confident and things will become easier. This is how it works.

With that said, you might get depressed or discouraged, or even feel defeated even if you get a local hookup going. Why is this the case? Very simple. You might have hooked up, but it’s a hookup from hell.

Here are some hallmarks of a bad hookup. Make no mistake about it. If you hook up with the wrong woman, you need to drop her like a hot potato. There are no two ways about it. Otherwise, she’s going to drive you crazy, and you might actually be opening yourself up to all sorts of problems down the road. Here are some red flags to look out for.

Emotionally Needy

If you come across somebody you just met, and all of a sudden, she starts giving you all this drama, this person might be emotionally needy. Guess what. It’s not going to get any better once you have sex with her. In fact, it’s just going to get worse. She might think that the fact that you became physically intimate with her gives her a license to hog up a lot of your time.

If you don’t want to deal with all sorts of unnecessary drama, pay attention. Be on the lookout for emotionally needy women. If you see certain signs of emotional neediness or psychological instability, head for the exits. Don’t call her back.

Clingy Personality

While this person may not be emotionally needy, it’s very uncomfortable to be around such a person. They may be good people on the whole. They might have great personalities. But all that is canceled out by the fact that they’re too clingy.

You have to remember that most people want their independence. Most people want a lot of space. They want to live their lives. Unfortunately, if you come across somebody who just wants to hog up all your time, just wants to call you constantly and stand over your shoulder, then you have a serious problem. This person might not be emotionally needy, but their clinginess and their constant need for attention might drive you crazy.

So it’s really important to be on the lookout for people with potentially clingy personalities. Your best bet would be to hold them at arm’s length. You might want to communicate clearly with them that you want some sort of emotional distance. If they can’t get a clue, then you might want to call it off.

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