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How I found sex near me

I’ve always had a problem with local chicks. A lot of the chicks that I meet through work in my local area turn out to be bitches. We’re talking about chicks that are so self-absorbed and so materialistic that it’s not even funny. I’m not saying that I’m broke. I’m not saying that I don’t have a fancy car or a big house or money in the bank. I have all that but the problem is when you’re dealing with chicks that are so materialistic that it’s really hard to break through.


You have to basically just dangle all sorts of trinkets in front of them and it only takes one bad experience for you to want to walk away from all of it. As the old saying goes, “If you use money as a hook, the only fish that you will catch are gold diggers”. Do you see where I’m coming from? And sadly in Southern California the best way to hook up is to roll up in a Range Rover or a late model of Mercedes Benz. While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with BMW, having money in the bank and being physically fit and portraying the whole Southern California persona there is everything wrong with being a very superficial person.


That’s why I was very miserable to find sex near me until I saw the light. I saw that I was trying to be a clone of everybody else. You have to remember that the mother’s milk of the economy of Southern California is the entertainment industry. This is why everybody is walking around in fake tans. Everybody’s walking around in late model BMWs or Mercedes Benz or some other type of German automotive engineering. It seems like everybody is in the rush to be just like everybody else. It’s as if everybody is trying to have this cookie-cutter template that they’re trying to aspire to.


When I broke out of that and I got sick and tired of that shit I stopped tanning and I started doing my own thing, let my hair grow and drive whatever I wanted to drive and hit the beach surfing, I got more pussy. So what’s the moral of the story? If you are serious about answering the fundamental question of how to find sex near me, the answer is actually simpler than you think. The answer is to be yourself.


You have to remember that there will always be women that would love you for who you are. I’m not talking about love as in scary, romantic love. I’m not talking about that shit. I’m talking about just love you, like, appreciate you and want to suck your dick and fuck you. There is always a market for everything. You can take a guy that looks like Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame and there will be some chicks that want to fuck him and stroke his hunchback. I know it sounds weird. I know it sounds awkward but there’s always a market for whatever you bring to the table. Wrap your mind around that. Let that be your reality and enjoy the pussy that comes your way.