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Very Talented

Very Talented

Welcome, Alyssa. Why don’t you tell us about your many talents.
“I’ve always been very athletic, playing lots of sports growing up. And I was also in gymnastics, so I’m very flexible and can do all kinds of crazy poses. I’m also great at fucking and sucking cock. Being flexible comes in handy when I’m having sex. Guys love it when I do a split over their dicks. I also have pretty good stamina, so I’m ready for an hour-and-half-long fuckfest whenever he is. I can deep-throat, too, which is why I think my blow jobs are so good. It was tricky to get the hand of at first. I gagged a lot. But now I’m a pro.”

Um, there’s another talent you’re not telling us about, Alyssa.
“Oh, you mean the one about my pussy lips? Yeah, I have really big pussy lips and I can actually tie them in a knot. Crazy, right? I discovered that I can do that because I’m always playing with them. So one day I was like, ‘Hmm, let
me try something.’ And it worked!”

It also seems that you’re talented at putting things in your butt.
“Yep! I’m a total butt slut. Tongues, fingers, anal beads, butt plugs, cocks…I can take just about anything within reason in my ass. And I don’t just take it, I love it. Anal orgasms are some of the best things you could ever hope to feel. I thought I was going to explode the first time I ever came from getting fucked in the ass.”

Very Talented

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