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Uber Horney

Uber Horney

Long time no see! What’ve you been up to since the Oct. ’08 issue?

“I’ve been doing my thing-partying, hanging out with friends and hooking up. But I’ve missed being in your magazine, and I’m glad I’m back! I got so much fanmail the last time I was in. It was awesome. I never realized how many guys like girls with little boobs and braces. And I got really horny reading all the dirty things they wanted to do to me.”

What kinds of things did they want to do?

“Most of it was regular sex stuff. Like lick my pussy and my butthole and fuck me really good. A lot of guys wanted to know if I did anal-the answer to that is still no! They would write out these long fantasies about me. I actually masturbated to a few of them; that’s how good they were. Fucking a fan I meet on the street has become one of my favorite things to think about when I masturbate.”

What is it about screwing a fan that turns you on?

“It’s that he already knows who I am and what I look like naked. He’s jacked off to me and fantasized about being with me. And now that he gets a chance to do me in real life he’ll be so happy and horny. It’s like a dream come true, and he’d probably fuck me really good, and I’d make sure to do the same.”

Uber Horney

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