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The Virgin Next Door

The Virgin Next Door

Lexia, is it true that you’ve never had a cock inside of you before?

“Yes, it’s true. But I don’t know if I’m a virgin or not. I’ve put a toy inside of me before, so am I still a cherry? I’ve asked some of my girlfriends and they’ve all given me different answers. Some say I’m still a virgin, and others say that if I got a toy all the way up there then I’m not ’cause I popped my cherry. Well, I think I’m a virgin, and so does my boyfriend. He wants to have sex with me but I still want to wait some. He asked me if he could just stick the tip in, but I’m afraid to let him ’cause his thingie is so big! And one of my friends told me that once he sticks the head in, I’m gonna want the whole thing in. So I don’t know what to do!”

Why don’t you want to have sex with him?

“I want to wait till marriage, but it’s like, super hard. And my boyfriend did something the other day that’s made it even harder. He went down on me. It felt really good…better than I expected. While I was having an orgasm from him licking me, I wanted to tell him to stick it in so bad, but I didn’t. You know, I think he did that so that I would want to have sex with him!”

And you still don’t want to have sex?

“I do, but like I said, I want to wait till marriage, or at least until I’m absolutely sure that he’s the right guy to give it up to. We’ve only been dating for a month! I don’t think I’m going to have full sex yet, but I might let him stick the tip in. You know, just to see what it feels like.”

The Virgin Next Door

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