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Teen Fucked Up Against a Wall

Oh my gawd yes, that’s a pose to drive any man insane. Ass out, knees slightly bent and toes pointing outwards… you know exactly what she’s asking for and she’s making doubly sure the message is coming through loud and clear with that expression on her face.

I had a girlfriend who used to love getting fucked really hard and I never realised that i was such a fan of it until I had met her. Sure, there were moments when she wanted to make passionate love too, she’s a woman still after all and occasionally I enjoy that too, but at least she didn’t just want to be a lady in bed all the time.

In fact, she loved it if I turned her around in the shower and banged her up against the wall. I remember the first time she asked me to fuck her on the table and when I asked why she said that there’s just too much give in the mattress and that she wanted it really hard. I almost came in my pants on the spot.

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