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Thousands of Porn Auditions

Casting videos always seems to follow the same basic formula and yet I never find them boring. I can’t say that about many other niches. Usually, if a theme repeats too much without very much variation, I go looking for something else instead. There is just something about casting videos though that manages to hold my interest and turn me on.

Woodman Casting X 26% off discount is a really good example of this. This site is huge, with thousands of porn auditions to explore. If you want to get exact with it, there are currently 3,053 castings. There is a mix of soft and hardcore, as well as a few dozen dedicated to STHUF (Shapeless, Trashy, Hairy, Ugly, Funny).

The videos all start out with the girl being interviewed. They don’t all speak English, but that doesn’t prevent me from watching. I like the accents and I like the girls trying to figure out what is being said. After the interview, they get naked and are displayed like an animal at auction as viewers decide the quality and worth. From there, the scene either stays softcore with some spreading and masturbation, or the girl gets fucked while we get to watch.

It’s basic, but it’s hot and there are always brand new babes to discover.

Girlfriends Who Put Out After Dates

Dating is a lot of work. First you have to get the girl to agree to go out with you, then you have to make plans and make sure that you have the cash to cover them. All of this is done with the hope that the chick is going to be into you and will hopefully put out at the end of the night. After dropping all of that time, money, and energy, it would be nice to be rewarded with some sexy cock sucking, but she has to want to do it. The girl isn’t obligated. Sadly, it doesn’t always work in your favor.

ATK Girlfriends cuts through all that extra bullshit. It is full of virtual date videos shot in point of view style, so that you can easily imagine yourself as the guy dating these girls. All of them put out. None of them shoot you down. Every girl is hot and wants you. If only real life dating could be so simple!

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