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Sweet & Petite

Sweet & Petite

Hey Bella. Do you have a boyfriend?

“No way. I just broke up with my last boyfriend and I feel so free. I don’t want to go back to jail! I want to have fun. There is this one guy I’m interested in though. Nothing has really happened between us, but something is going to soon ’cause we’re both really horny. We’ve made out and stuff, and one time he fingered me, but that’s it. He really wants to eat my pussy but I told him he had to wait.”

Why’d you tell him to wait?

“To be honest my pussy was really hairy at the time and I was kind of embarrassed about that. I wanted to be smooth shaved for the first time he licked my pussy. But that’s not the main reason I told him I wanted to wait. I know guys don’t really care too much if a girl has a hairy pussy. The real reason is because I didn’t want him to think I was a slut. Believe me, I really wanted him to go down on me. I was sooo wet and turned on when he was fingering me. But I didn’t want to ruin things by putting out too fast. It was as hard for me to tell him no as it was for him to hear it!”

So when are you going to finally give up the goods?

“Something is going to happen the next time I see him. We’ve been talking dirty on the phone all the time, and the sexual tension has built up so much. I know he’s gonna eat me out, but I really want to fuck, too. My friend told me to wait, and I said I didn’t think I could contain myself. She said to masturbate before I went out with him so I wouldn’t go to the grocery store hungry.”

We think you should fuck him.

“[Laughs] I think I like your advice more, and I think I will! My gosh, I can already feel my pussy getting wet thinking about our first fuck!”

Sweet & Petite

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