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Sugar Tootsies

Sugar Tootsies

Is it possible for a girl to be totally perfect?

We don’t know, but Candance sure comes close. This is her first time in 18eighteen magazine and we’re predicting that she’s going to cause some waves. She’s a slim cutie, her tits are tiny and pointy and she’s totally horny. “Once I start masturbating, I just can’t stop! I love using a vibrator and anal beads at the same time.”

Candace isn’t a pussy virgin, but she is an ass virgin.

She may stick things up her butt when she masturbates, but Candace tells us that she hasn’t done anal yet. “But it’s definitely something I want to try,” she said. “When I use a vibrator and anal beads it makes me cum so hard and so long. I love it!” That’s what we like to hear. A girl who hasn’t done everything in the book…but is willing to try it out! So now you’re probably wondering what she has done. Here’s a kinky tidbit: “My best friend and I had a threesome in my Mustang. It was a tight fit, but it was really fun. What a lucky guy, huh?” We’d say so.

Teen lovers aren’t the only ones who like Candace.

Foot-men will have a thing for this cutie, too. We asked Candace what she thought her best feature was, and her answer was rather unusual for a teen girl: “Well, I like every part of me. My boobs and my butt, but I think two of my best features are my feet.” Tits and ass are essential to a girl’s overall hotness, but feet are often overlooked. “My first boyfriend told me that you can tell a lot about a girl by her feet. If her feet look nice, that means she takes care of herself.” Very true. And Candace takes good care of her tootsies, making sure she gets a pedicure every week. “I always make sure my toes look good. I like to have them sucked, so I’ve got to keep them looking nice. I started sucking my own toes at an early age, then stopped. But my first boyfriend loved to suck them, and that’s when I realized that I really liked it.”

Candace has even given foot-jobs before, and she liked it!

“There was this one time my ex was sucking my toes, and I got the idea to give him a foot-job. So I told him to lick the arches of my feet so they’d be wet, and I jacked him off that way. He came all over my feet. I thought it was pretty kinky, and we did it a lot after that.” But her feet are not the only things that Candace likes having sucked and fucked. “Of course I love oral and sex! What girl doesn’t? I love to have every inch of me kissed and sucked, but my clit is definitely the number one spot for a guy to put his mouth. I like my feet and all, but my pussy needs the most attention. And after he eats me out I always want to get fucked really bad. I cum the hardest when I have a dick inside my pussy. I just love sex and I need it like, every day.”

Sugar Tootsies

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