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Strange Fantasies

Strange Fantasies

What are your strange fantasies?

“I have fantasies about being asleep and waking up with my boyfriend fucking me. I also have fantasies about setting up fake kidnapping situations that end up in sex. I know it sounds weird, but it really turns me on a lot.”

Have you ever acted out any of these fantasies?

“One time I went for a run and I had my boyfriend circle around the block wearing all black. He pretended–emphasis on pretended–to kidnap me and brought me back to his house where we had sex. He ate my pussy like a maniac, and then he flipped me over while I was handcuffed to the bed and pounded me. It was so great!

I love role-playing like that.” Do you masturbate?

Share the juicy details with us, Nychole! “Yes, I masturbate on the nights I’m lonely. I use my purple vibrator, and I usually do it in the shower. That way I have privacy and it’s easy to clean up. I enjoy using it on my clit and working my way into my pussy the hornier and wetter I get.”

Strange Fantasies

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