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Smitten Kitten

Smitten Kitten

Katie has a hot crush on a boy! Katie is a normal teen girl. She likes to go to the movies on the weekend and have sleepovers with her friends while they talk about the latest vampire romance movie and all the cute boys in their classes. And just like any normal teen girl, Katie is crushing hard on a boy in her class. “My friends are already so annoyed with me ’cause he’s all I talk about. But I’m so scared to actually talk to him! He’s so dreamy that I get all choked up any time I get near him. It sucks!”

Katie wants to give it up to him. “I’ve never had sex before, but just about every night I fantasize that my crush will be my first. It makes me get so wet in my panties, wetter than I’ve ever been! I was almost scared that something was wrong because of how wet I got!”

Good thing that Katie has friends to let her know that getting a soaking wet pussy is a perfectly normal (and good) thing to experience. “My best friend is the one person I can confide in about anything. She told me that all girls get super wet pussies when they’re horny, including her! She’s had sex before so she knows more than I do. She asked me if I…you know, touch myself. I’ve done that before, but not that much. So she told me I should do it all the time, and that it might help me relieve some tension so I’m not so nervous around my crush. I’ve been trying it out, and I think it’s working! I haven’t actually talked to him yet, but I feel more comfortable about doing it. I think it’s cause now that I’m masturbating I’m more determined than ever to lose my virginity.”

Katie tells us she thinks something is gonna happen with her crush soon! “The other day I was sitting at my desk in class, and my pencil fell on the floor. My crush leaned over to pick it up for me, and as he reached out for it, he grazed my leg with his hand! When he put the pencil back on my desk, he winked at me. I just about creamed in my panties right there! That night I went home and masturbated for two hours thinking about me and him doing it.”

Smitten Kitten

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