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Pretty Slitty

Pretty Slitty

Which do you like to feel more on your pussy, a vibrator or a tongue?
“A tongue for sure! A guy’s tongue may not be able to vibrate, but it’s so soft and hot and wet. And to me that feels better than a vibrator. Also, a vibrator is just a toy. It doesn’t compare to having a real person there to kiss and touch and get horny for. I mean, vibrators are great. They get you through those lonely nights. But they’re just a substitute for the real thing. Not that I’ve had the real thing, but I’ve fooled around enough to know that a tongue is way better than a vibrator!”

You have such a pretty pussy, Aspen. Has a cock ever been inside of it?
“No, but fingers, dildos and tongues have! Well, the head of a guy’s thingie has been in there, but I was too tight to take the rest of him. I think when I try to have sex again it needs to be with a guy with a smaller thingie, ’cause I’m really tight!”

Do you think if you kept practicing with dildos you’d be able to take a bigger cock?
“Maybe! What I usually do is rub my clit with them and just stick the tip of them in my pussy. But maybe I should try to put them in deeper so I get used to the feeling. That’s a good idea in case the next guy I fool around with is really packing. It was so disappointing to not be able to have sex that one time, because I really wanted to go all the way. I’m going to practice with a dildo and I’ll let you know how it goes!”

Pretty Slitty

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