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Pink Puffs

Pink Puffs

Hey, Lilly. You seem very happy to spread your pussy for the camera!
“I am! I love to model. I used to be very shy, but taking nude photos has really brought me out of my shell. My ex-boyfriend used to tell me that I should model because I’m tall and thin, and that’s how I got started. At first it was only with clothes on.”

What made you decide to take your clothes off?
“That ex-boyfriend I mentioned always told me that I had a nice body, a great butt and cute, puffy nipples. He would take pictures of me, and
would always tell me it was a shame that I didn’t want to show off what God gave me. So one day I just started stripping while he was busy
shooting me. I was curious to see how it felt being naked in front of the camera, and I was curious to see how my body looked in photos. It
was very exciting. I felt so free, and I felt horny and sexy, too!”

Tell us more about you feeling horny.
“After the first time my ex shot me nude, we had the best sex ever! I even let him take pictures of us having sex. But after we broke up I made sure to get them back. I haven’t decided if I want to have sex in front of a camera for everyone to see yet. It is definitely a possibility though. For now, I just love taking naked pictures and masturbating in front of the camera. Even when I’m masturbating alone, I imagine there’s a camera there taking pictures of me, and that somewhere out there a sexy man is masturbating to pictures of my puffy nipples and pretty, shaved pussy.”

Pink Puffs

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