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Niki Doesn’t Wear Bras

Niki Doesn't Wear Bras

Niki, why don’t you ever wear a bra to school? “Because my tits are too nice to be held down by a bra. And honestly, I like it when my nipples get hard and poke out of my shirt. The guys like it, too!” Do you even own any bras? “Of course I do, silly! I just don’t like to wear them too often. Sometimes I have to ’cause I’ll get in trouble at school for distracting the boys too much, and I
can’t spend the whole school year in detention! And sometimes I wear them with a cute, matching pair of undies to look hot for a guy. They make a strip tease that much more sexy.”

Some of your jealous classmates must talk shit about you not wearing a bra, right? “How did you know? They sure do. It’s mostly the prude, preppy girls who do. They think I’m ‘inappropriate.’ Whatever! They’re just mad ’cause I’m getting all the attention. One time I was wearing a white t-shirt with no bra, and one of them thought it would be funny to spill milk on my shirt in the cafeteria. I guess she didn’t realize that her little plan would backfire when everyone started clapping and staring at my nipples through my soaked shirt. I got pretty popular after that!”

Niki Doesn't Wear Bras

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