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Fresh N’ Freaky

Fresh N' Freaky

Hey, Valarie. You look like a kinky girl. Are you one?

“I think I’m pretty kinky. I’m very open when it comes to sex. In fact, the wilder it is, the more it turns me on. I always want to go on a sexual adventure! There was this one time that I was working on the docks, and I met a guy there who had a boat. He invited me to go out on it
when I was finished with work. I went and surprise, surprise-we ended up fucking! It felt so good. I was pretty inexperienced at the time, too. That was like my first kinky experience. He got so hard for my tight pussy. And I remember his cum being super hot and steamy when he pulled out and sprayed my tummy.”

Sex on a boat is pretty hot. What else have you done that’s kinky?

“The kinkiest thing I’ve ever done is have sex in a dressing room. I guess while I was shopping I caught the manager’s eye. I went into the dressing room to try on a cute dress, and the manager knocked on the door and asked if I needed any help. I opened the door in nothing but a thong and told him to come in. We ended up having wild sex in there, and I was so loud. I know the other people in the fitting room heard us. When we left, there were some old ladies leaving the dressing room too and they were giving us the dirtiest looks.”

Have you ever fooled around with girls before? Please say yes!

“No, I haven’t…just kidding! Of course I’ve fooled around with girls. I love girls! How could you not? One of my favorite times fooling around with a girl was in the locker room after our soccer game. We got a little wild! Everyone else had left and we were in our undies, playing around and grabbing each other’s butts. That led to kissing, which led to lots of licking and fingering.”

Are you horny all the time? How often do you play with yourself?

“I’m always horny! Every day I get horny, multiple times a day. I like it that way, too. I kind of think it would suck to be a prude girl who never got horny or who was afraid to have sex. And you probably already guessed that I masturbate a whole lot. I have a whole collection of dildos to use depending on my mood. Sometimes I like the really big ones, and sometimes I just want a little vibrator to press on my clit and tease my pussyhole with. I get so wet and horny when I use them. I love it ’cause I cum so much! My vibrators are my best friends!” once. And I was more than happy to do both!”

Fresh N' Freaky

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