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Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat

Emily, this is your first time modeling EVER, and we are ecstatic to have you. How does it feel to pose for us?

“It’s awesome! I’m a little nervous because I’m brand new, but mostly I’m excited to be here. I’ve wanted to do this kind of modeling for a long time. I just hope I do a good job and your readers like me.”

And is it true that at the time these hot photos were shot, you’d turned 18 just a month before?

“That’s right. I’m fresh meat! As soon as I turned 18 I got in touch with you guys because I wanted to start shooting as soon as possible. And now that I’m here it’s just as exciting as I thought it would be. A lot of
people would say this is out of character for me, but they don’t know me very well. I have a naughty side that I’ve been dying to show off, and this is the first time I’ve been able to express it.”

What made you want to model for us?

“It was always a fantasy of mine to shoot nude photos and be in a porno magazine. I’m really horny and I want to try all kinds of kinky things, and this is just the first one on my list. Next I want to get fucked silly by a random guy in front of the camera.”

Have you had sex with many guys?

“I’ve only had sex with one guy. I’m looking forward to getting more experience and having it captured on camera. I’ve masturbated to the idea of doing a hardcore scene so many times. When I finally do it I’m probably going to cum
so hard for the camera.”

Fresh Meat

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