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Ashley, you look like something out of a dream! Do you have a boyfriend?

“No. I actually have a girlfriend. I met her at this art show and we just instantly clicked. We even ended up eating each other out in this closed off area of the gallery that very night. I do still like guys though. And we’re both open to dating guys while we’re together. So it’s like the best of both worlds. I can have my cake and eat it too!”

Do you two ever have three-ways?

“Yes. Those are fun. One time we had a three-way with another girl. It was super hot. My girlfriend and I were going to town on her pussy at the same time and the girl was loving every second of it. Then another time we had a three-way with a guy. And he looked like he was totally in heaven with the two of us.”

Tell us more details about the three-way with the guy.

“We started off in a three-way kiss–me, my girlfriend and the guy. We undressed each other and then we undressed him. His cock was already sticking straight up so my girl and I got down on our knees and took turns sucking it. She would blow him while I licked his balls. Then he lay down and I rode his face while my girlfriend rode his cock. Then we switched places. It was a great experience.”

Where did this guy end up cumming?

“He came all over both of our faces. We knelt down right in front of him and kissed each other while I jacked his cock. It took just a couple of seconds of stroking him before he completely soaked us with his cum. That was the biggest load I’ve ever seen! Then my girl and I licked it off each other’s face.”


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