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Cream-Filled Cunny

Cream-Filled Cunny

What are your sexual fantasies, Ali?

“To have sex with an older businessman. I’ve done it before, and I want to do it again. My dad is a lawyer and sometimes his lawyer friends and coworkers come over to help him with a case. There’s a few of those guys that I’d love to get between the sheets with.”

Do you do anything to get their attention?

“Of course I do. I’ll put on my sexiest short dress and hang around the office here at home. It’s the only time I even go near that side of the house. When I know that my dad is going to be working with his coworkers I spend all day baking cookies and other things for them to eat. It’s fun to go in there and offer them my hot, warm cookies. My dad gets pissed when I do that. He says I’m distracting everyone. He’d probably be even more pissed if he knew I fucked his partner. It was late one night and my dad had gone to sleep, and his work partner told him he would just let himself out in a bit. But first he made a detour to my bedroom.”

Then what happened with him?

“We totally got it on. He was fucking me so good that I wanted to scream, but I had to bite my lip and hold it in. And he came in my pussy. It was so hot feeling his cum drip down into my butt-crack.”

Cream-Filled Cunny

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