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Counting Freckles

Counting Freckles

Lizzie, how many
freckles do you have?
“I don’t know, but a guy tried to count
once. He never finished ’cause once he
got to my chest he got distracted by my
tits, and we ended up fucking. I mean,
that was the whole point of counting
my freckles anyway. It was just a cute
way to get me to take off my shirt.”

Do you have
freckles on
every part of
your body?
“I have them from my head
to my toes, on my boobs,
my back, on my butt. I even
have some around my
pussy! I’m pretty much covered
in them. And if I like
you, I’ll show you the ones
that not everyone can see.”

Do guys like
your freckles?
“I hear that they’re cute a
lot. But guys like my tits,
pussy and my booty more
than my freckles. Those
parts of my body get way
more attention, especially
my pussy. A lot of guys
have told me that my pussy
feels so tight while we were
in the middle of fucking.”

Counting Freckles

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