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Cherry Chick

Cherry Chick

Cherries are like nature’s candy.

“I always heard that guys liked cherries, so I bought these panties with cherries all over them for my boyfriend. I thought it was kind of weird that guys liked cherries so much. I thought they’d like hamburgers and pizzas more or something. But then my friend finally told me that a cherry is a virgin. Duh! I thought they meant like, real cherries. Well, good thing for my boyfriend that my new panties weren’t the only cherries in the bedroom. I was one too, and I was ready to pop it.”

Did your boyfriend like the cherry panties you wore for him?

“He did, but I think he liked the cherry inside of them even more. When I told him that I just learned what cherry really meant, he laughed and said not to worry, that he’d take good care of mine. That’s when he pulled down my panties and put his mouth on places that no guy had ever been before. He even licked my butt; it totally caught me off guard!”

How did you like it when he licked you?

“It felt really good. I’ve touched myself before but him giving me oral was way better than that. His tongue felt so warm and soft and wet down there. It made me want to give him the pleasure he was giving me, so I gave him my first blow job. I put a lot of love into it, and he told me I did really good for my first time.”

Did it hurt when he finally put his cock in?

“Not really. He meant it when he said that he’d take care of my cherry! He was gentle when he needed to be and didn’t go hard or fast until I asked him to. And I was so wet from all the foreplay we did that his dick just slipped right inside. I felt a little pressure when my cherry popped, but it was barely anything. I think the hottest part about me losing my virginity was when my boyfriend told me to cum, I did! He would start moving a certain way and I guess he could tell I was getting close, and he would start whispering, ‘Cum for me, baby. Let it go,’ in my ear. And I would! It was almost like I was cumming on command. I felt like he was in control and I was his little sex puppet. After I came the third time I had to stop him ’cause I was so tired and sensitive. But overall I think my first time was a total success!”

Cherry Chick

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