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Butt Tickler

Butt Tickler

It’s been a
long time
since we’ve
seen Katie,
and much has
Katie last posed for us in
the Dec. ’07 issue. At the
time, she was a pussy
virgin who let a guy fuck
her ass a few times. We’re
proud to announce that
Katie has since given up
her twat cherry, too. “Yes,
I finally fucked. Isn’t that
great? I know the way I
went about it was kind of
weird-getting fucked in
my bum first and all. But
it worked for me. Now I
love getting shagged in
both holes. Someone
asked me if I prefer anal
or vaginal sex more, but I
couldn’t pick between
the two. They both feel
different, but they both
feel great. And I can cum
from either way.”

Her first time was smooth sailing.
“My first time didn’t hurt, but that’s probably because I was already used to
taking it in my bum. When the guy popped my cherry, it was a breeze. And I
really enjoyed it. Some girls don’t cum the first time they shag, but I did. Right
now my favorite position is on top, but my favorite changes every now and
then. For a while it was doggie, and before that missionary.”

Next up on Katie‘s
list is trying DP!
That’s double penetration for anyone
who doesn’t know. “Since I’m used
to being fucked in my arse and my
pussy, I don’t see why I shouldn’t do
it all at the same time. I’ve double
stuffed myself a few times while
playing around with my sex toys. I’ll
stick one in my pussy and one in my
bum. I feel sooo filled up when I do
that, and it’s great! I have the best
orgasms when I do that. So if I were
to do that with two willies my head
would probably explode from the
pleasure. I’ve actually tried to recruit
some boys to do DP with me, but a
lot of them are intimidated! Maybe I
should aim for older men. They’re
probably more experienced and willing
to fulfill my DP fantasy!”

Butt Tickler

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