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Blue-Eyed Babe

Blue-Eyed Babe

Kiera, we could just gaze into your big, blue eyes all day!

“That’s sweet, but I’d rather you looked into my brown eye! [Laughs] And when you’re done staring at it, you can lick it, too! Not enough guys eat my ass. I have to tell them to do it when I’d rather they just went for it on their own. The thing is that when a guy dives straight into my butthole with his tongue, I know he’s a real freak. It turns me on because chances are he’s not very inhibited and is willing to try more stuff. So guys, lick your girl’s butthole! She’ll like it, I promise!”

Since you like to get your butt licked, do you like anal too?

“I’ve only tried it once with a guy but I think he got weirded out by it, so it wasn’t the hottest experience. He was one of those types who was afraid to eat my ass, so he probably wasn’t the ideal anal candidate. But I stick toys in my butt all the time, and I love it! I have anal beads and a butt plug and I use them all the time. Now I just need the right cock!”

Blue-Eyed Babe

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