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Blowing And Sucking

Blowing And Sucking

Candy hasn’t yet indulged her inner slut.

She appeared in the April ’09 issue as a virgin, and she’s still one now. “I’ve done more stuff, like oral sex. I still have my cherry though.”

Candy learned a thing or two about herself.

Sucking cock can be an eye-opening experience for a girl, so long as the guy doesn’t cum in her eye. “I realized that I like to give more than receive. Getting my pussy licked is fun, but sucking dick is really my thing. I get more satisfaction from getting a guy off. Especially when he starts moaning and putting his hands in my hair and pushing my head down gently.”

“Cum is super yummy. I love it!”

If a girl loves the taste of cum the first time it hits her lips, she’s guaranteed to be a life-long member of the cock-sucking club. Candy has now joined that club. “As soon as I had my first taste of cock, I knew I really liked it. But when I had my first taste of cum I knew I loved it. The only place I want a guy to cum is in my mouth. If I don’t get to taste it, then it’s a waste.”

Are you planning to pop your cherry?

“Yes! I’m sure if a cock feels great in my mouth, it will feel great in my pussy, too. I’m just taking it slow for now. You know, baby steps. I’d like to have sex, but I’m not in the biggest rush ’cause I’m having so much fun giving blow jobs and getting eaten out. But when it happens I’ll be sure to let you know how it went!”

Blowing And Sucking

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