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Biggest Ass Ever

Biggest Ass Ever

Hey, Helena! Long time no see! Has your butt gotten bigger since we last saw you in the Jan. ’09 issue?
“I think it has. Some of my pants don’t fit me anymore. But it’s weird ’cause it’s like the only place I gain weight is in my ass. The rest of me stays the same size! It’s hard for me to find pants. I have to buy bigger sizes so they fit my ass, but then they end up being too loose everywhere else. That’s why I wear skirts for the most part. I won’t wear underwear with them either, so guys can have easy access to my pussy and ass! Plus the breeze feels good under there.”

Do you have any good sex stories to share with us?
“Well, not too long ago I had sex with this guy who had the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. It was soooo big! I was afraid it might hurt, but it didn’t. He knew how to use it just right. But I couldn’t get over how big it was. I like to think that I give pretty good head, but I couldn’t even get half of his dick in my mouth!”

Did the guy have to be careful not to fuck you too hard?
“Like I said, he knew how to work it. I guess he’s used to fucking small girls so he didn’t go too crazy like, pounding me all hard. He would go hard sometimes and then switch and go slow. He came once, and his boner didn’t even go down. He kept fucking me! And that first load was so big. I have never seen so much cum in my life! I didn’t think that guys with big dicks necessarily had bigger loads than guys with smaller dicks. Maybe this guy was just a beast! The sex was really great. He made me cum more than anyone has!”

Biggest Ass Ever

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