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Antonia Gets Fingered

Grandpas Sleepyhead

Antonia’s landlord had left her a note on her door earlier in the week that this Friday he would be dropping round to check her smoke detectors. He had been checking in with all of his tennants to make sure that they were all safe. Antonia knew that she would be home from her morning classes by the time he dropped by but by the time Friday rolled around she had forgotten all about the notice! She’d had such a long morning that she’d gone in to lay down for a while and nap until her lunch time classes. As she lay there, her naked body sleeping she didn’t even hear when her landlord stepped through the front door.

He walked over to where Antonia was sleeping and for a few minutes he just stood there whispering to her to see if he could wake her. When she didn’t wake he couldn’t help himself from sitting next to her and sliding his finger between her legs. As soon as he felt how dripping her slit was he felt his knob getting rock solid and he just couldn’t help himself, he dropped his pants and took his dick out to stroke his dick while he teased her pussy!

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