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Alissa’s Tasty Body

Cute Joy

Alissa has always been a naughty troublemaker and any chance she gets to become the center of attention she will jump at it. Last week when her boyfriend was over at her condo they were looking through the newspaper trying to find a part time job for Alissa when they ran across an ad for nude models. At first they both laughed and Alissa said no way she was ballsy enough to get naked for a stranger with a camera so her boyfriend asked her what about if he was the one with the camera. Alissa smiled and started posing for his pretend camera.

When Alissa’s boyfriend really did grab the camera she started flashing her smile and slowly she slipped out of her clothes and showed off in her white guy short panties and her tiny black bra. As her boyfriend encouraged her she slowly stripped out of her bra and let her tiny nippers free. It was all her boyfriend could do to keep himself from slipping one of them in to his mouth as she went on teasing the camera. It wasn’t long before Alissa got really naughty and slipping out of her panties she flashed her shaved cunt.

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