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A Whole Lotta Love

A Whole Lotta Love

Alexis is back! Have you missed her?

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen Alexis. She sucked and fucked in her pictorial in the March ’08 issue, and that was the last we’d seen of her until now. We hope you’re happy to see her pictures in 18eighteen again, because her last boyfriend wasn’t! “I was going out with this guy for a while, but he didn’t know that I’d shot nude photos or that I had been in a hardcore movie. I kept it a secret, but eventually he found out. He is kind of conservative so he got super pissed and dumped me. It sucked, and I was heart-broken. But now that I’m starting college I hope I’ll meet a guy who is more open-minded and doesn’t care about the things I’ve done.”

“I promise I’m a good girlfriend!”

Here’s a fact for readers: this little ensemble that Alexis is wearing actually came from her own closet. “I wore it for my boyfriend on Valentine’s day, but now I don’t have anyone to wear it for. When I’m with a guy, I like to dress up in sexy outfits for him. I have lots of pretty bras and panties just sitting in my drawer waiting to be put on…and then taken off.”

Alexis‘ ex is a total dumbass for dumping her. She’s hot and loves sex!

She’s totally cute, and as you can see in the picture above, her nipples are even a little bit puffy. Alexis would be any teen lover’s dream lay. In the movie Bikini Teenies, Alexis proves how much she loves sex by hungrily stuffing as much of a huge cock into her mouth and pussy as she could handle. Alexis has it all, so what kind of idiot would want to let that go? “I don’t know. Some guys are uptight about their girlfriends being in pornos. Either way, I’ve moved on. Getting fucked really good helped me get over the relationship. The first time I had sex after the break-up was super hot. I got really into the cock-sucking; I must’ve given the guy head for like 20 minutes. He actually had to stop me ’cause he was so horny he wanted to fuck, but I wanted to keep sucking.”

The saying is true. Fucking someone else is the best way to get over an ex.

“It had been a while since I’d had sex, so my pussy was super tight. It was super wet, too. While I was sucking his cock I could feel the juice already starting to drip down to my ass-crack.
When the guy finally pried my mouth off his cock he laid me down, put one of my legs over his shoulder, gripped his cock and started putting the head in. I could hear my pussy like, squelching ’cause it was so wet. He eased his way in slow, and the whole time he kept telling me how tight I felt. When he finally stuck it in all the way it felt sooo good. I came quick and hard. We had sweaty sex for like an hour. I was so turned on I even swallowed his cum, and I don’t do that very often. But I came like five times so I was willing to do just about anything for this guy. After that, it was like my heartbreak evaporated.”

A Whole Lotta Love

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