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A Reason To Smile

A Reason To Smile

You look awfully happy, Tinah.

“I’m always happy. Sometimes my friends even get annoyed by my happiness, but that’s just how I am! And I’ve been in a really good mood lately because I finally gave up my cherry. I can’t wipe this smile off my face! This must be the post-sex glow that I’ve heard so much about. I was like, the last virgin in my class. It was so annoying–like I got held back a grade or something! I would even get teased by some of the girls in my class for it. They said I was scared of cock, but that so wasn’t true. But now I’m all caught up with the other girls who are having sex, and I feel so grown up!”

How did you know the guy that you lost it to?

“He was actually my ex-boyfriend. We dated for a bit and broke up. It was mostly ’cause he wanted to have sex with me but I wouldn’t put out! I was really upset when we broke up, but I got over it and then we became friends. We’d still make-out and stuff, but it never went further than that. Well one night we were hanging out and I was just like, ‘Fuck it. I want to fuck!’ He was shocked that I was saying that.”

Tell us how your first time went.

“It was fun and it felt great once I got used to it. Apparently I have a really little Asian pussy. That’s what my ex-boyfriend told me anyway. I don’t really know too much about sex so I took his word for it!”

Did his cock feel big in your little pussy?

“Are you kidding me? Even his finger felt big in there! He only put two fingers in but it felt like four! When he put his thingie in he had to go really slow. But after a few minutes I got the hang of it and he could go a bit faster. I still need more practice though!”

A Reason To Smile

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