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Month: October, 2011


I love to play a lot of wild games with my fingers and my big toys.

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Courtyard Cunny

Courtyard Cunny

Sasha, you fucked outside in the movie Piped Pixies. Do you have a thing for being naked outside?
“I have a thing for being naked everywhere! But being naked outside is nice too ’cause it’s not that common. Someone could catch you, and that makes it more fun. I also like to walk around the house naked, and sometimes I like to get naked at parties. But that’s
only at crazy parties where I’m not the only girl taking off her clothes. I’ve been the only girl to get naked at a party before, and everyone talked shit about me after that. So now I make sure I have company when I get naked at parties.”

Those sound like some wild parties. How do you end up getting naked at them?
“My girlfriends and I just get really hyped up from all the dancing and flirting. I guess we’re all little sluts! Especially if there’s a pool there. We get in and start chicken fighting and splashing around, and then our bikinis come off! I like the attention I get, but I do it mostly ’cause it’s fun and I feel free and sexy when I’m naked in public. One guy even told me I’ll probably be a nudist or a swinger when I’m older!”

Do you ever end up fucking when you get naked at these parties?
“Oh, yeah. All the time! Being naked makes me feel horny,and I always find some guy to go into an empty room with and fuck. It’s not really hard to find a guy to fuck when you’re naked. I’ve even been in a room fucking while three of my girlfriends were in there fucking like crazy, too!”

Courtyard Cunny

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Hump Day

Hump Day

Hey, Tanner. What are you doing getting naked in the kitchen?
“Every Wednesday I do the dishes, and if my parents aren’t home I like to do them naked. Just ’cause everything is more fun when you’re naked, especially boring chores! If I don’t wash the dishes then my parents don’t let me go out later on. And Wednesday is hump day, which means that my boyfriend and I reserve every Wednesday for fucking! So I make sure to wash those dishes good!”

Tell us more about this hump day, Tanner.
“Well, people call Wednesday hump day because it’s the middle of the week. Like, if the week is a hill, by Wednesday you’d be at the top of the hump. My boyfriend and I decided to give a new meaning to that phrase. A more literal meaning. So every Wednesday we make sure to have sex no matter what. Sometimes we’ll even plan to do it in public places beforehand, like the park or at the beach or even at the mall. I know most people think of the weekend as
the best time to fuck, but Wednesday is the day that makes me the most wet!”

Hump Day

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