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Month: September, 2010

Lewd And Lippy

Lewd And Lippy

How’ve you and your juicy pussy lips been since we last saw you in the Nov. ’09 issue?

“I’ve been good and so have my pussy lips. Actually I take it back. Lately I’ve been kind of bad. I’ve had this overwhelming desire to show off my camel toe in really tight shortshorts. You know the kind–coochie cutters. When I go out to the store wearing my short-shorts the guys are all staring at my crotch. I know they’re looking at my pussy and wondering if it looks as juicy on the inside as it does outside my shorts. It’s so naughty…I love it! They’re not even checking out my ass or tits; they’re looking straight at my pussy. If they looked a little harder they might see the wet spot spreading from me being so horny.”

What’s a fantasy that you haven’t fulfilled?

“One day I’d like to have a threesome with two guys. I wouldn’t mind having one with a girl and a guy, but something about fucking two guys at once is so dirty. It must feel so good to be full of cock–one in your mouth and one in your pussy at the same time. Then when we were done with all our fucking I’d want to get on my knees and jerk them off at the same time so they would both cum all over me. I know that’d be a ton of cum but I could handle it.”

How can you spread your bumhole so wide?

“I’m not sure. I just can! I haven’t done anal yet, but sometimes when I play with myself I’ll put a small toy in my butt. Guys have asked me if they could put their dicks in my ass, but I’m not ready to try that yet. I will one day though. They also ask me to spread my ass super wide for them, too. When I do that they love to bury their face in it and lick away. The wider I spread my cheeks the deeper they stick their tongue into my butt. I like it; it tickles. But that’s as much as I like them to do. Right now I feel more comfortable playing with my asshole by myself. That way if I put a toy up there or something I can control how deep or fast it goes. Putting things in my asshole is new territory for me, so I’m still getting used to it. I would rather explore that on my own before I let someone else up into my asshole. It’s sensitive, so I have to be careful!”

How often do you like to have sex, Mya?

“As often as possible! My boyfriend right now is Mr. Wiggles, my favorite vibrator. He’s a lot of fun to use and all, but I’d prefer some flesh and blood cock. I’m not getting as much sex as I’d like ’cause I don’t have a real boyfriend right now. So I just mess around with my vibrator. But when I do have a boyfriend I like to have sex every day, multiple times a day. I’m a very horny girl, and when I’m dating a guy I get even hornier. I’ve been told that I have a very high sex drive for a girl my age.”

Lewd And Lippy

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Fresh Blonde Teen Flower Tucci Fucked

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Simply Irresistable! This island girl loves to give head

This chick has that severe styling made famous by a 1980s Robert Palmer video. It caught on a little later with girls from the Virgin Islands like this one but later is better than never. She leaves her shoes on the whole time and spends more time with the dildo in her mouth and she does with it in her pussy. That tells you this is a whore who is more about your pleasure than her own. She might even be worth dating for a few months.

Brit Slit

Brit Slit

Welcome to 18eighteen, Layla. Are you a proper lady or a dirty, little slut?

“Can’t I be both? I guess it just depends what the guy likes. If he wants me to be a naughty girl who loves sucking cock and getting fucked in high heels, then that’s what I’ll give him. But if he wants me to be a sweetheart in regular clothes who’s a little shy and passive, then I can be that way, too.”

Which way do guys like you to be more?

“Well I’ve only been with three fellows so I’m not sure what most men would prefer. But with one of the men I dated, he liked me to look like a total tart. Really slutty girls turn him on so when I was with him I’d wear my mum’s lingerie and try to be sexy for him. With the two others, they liked it when I was shy and giggly and wore my hair in pigtails. They took control and told me exactly what to do. And they’d ask me how much I liked their dicks inside me.”

And which way do you like being?

“I’ll admit that I prefer to be submissive. I like it when the man really puts an effort into giving me a good shag. When I’m under him and he’s on top of me, thrusting into me and biting my neck and looking all big and strong, it just feels right. It’s a big turn-on to know that he can control how loud I moan or when I cum with his cock. I like it when a man fucks me more so than vice versa.”

What makes you cum the hardest?

“For a while I could only have an orgasm with my vibrator or when a guy would go down on me. But I just figured out how to have an orgasm from having sex. It was such a relief because I was scared I was going to be one of those girls who couldn’t orgasm from having sex. But anyway, like I said, oral orgasms are quite nice. And when I’m having sex doggiestyle and I rub my clit my orgasm is very intense. The only thing is that the guy can’t be going that fast when he does it. Nice, slow and deep while I work my clit will do the trick! The first time I tried it I completely soaked my boyfriend’s balls with juice. I was a bit embarrassed because I’d never been that wet before, but he assured me it was quite a turn-on!”

Brit Slit

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An afternoon of relaxing and eating pussy.

Hot friends Katy and Lucky were hanging out one afternoon talking about how bad their sex lives had become. They decided to stop waiting for a guy and to take things into their own hands. Some kissing and touching soon turned into clothes coming off and tongues touching nipples and pussies. Katy laid Lucky down on the couch and chowed down on her box like she was licking up a bowl of soup. These two girls tongue fucked each other until they both came in each other’s mouths and on each other’s fingers then relaxed on the couch for some more kissing. Who needs a man with hot friends like this?

Hipster Honey

Hipster Honey

Fey is so cool. And that’s hot!

“I’m not into the things that other girls in my class are into. I like to watch foreign and independent films and listen to underground bands. On the weekend you can find me at a local show or checking out a new exhibit at the museum. I don’t like the same kinds of guys that other girls like either. I like guys who are into the same things as me, smart guys. But I guess the one thing I do have in common with most other girls is that I want a guy who will make the first move and be a little aggressive.”

So you like things that are different. Is that true when you fuck, too?

“I think when it comes to sex I’m not like, super-kinky, but I’m not totally boring either. The most extreme things I’m into are like, spanking and rough sex. I think the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done is have sex in some random person’s car on the street. We were super horny and had nowhere else to go, so we just fucked in there. Just goes to show you, you should always lock your doors!”

Does an open-minded girl like you like to fool around with other girls?

“Yeah, it’s fun. Girls give the best head, and they taste so good, too. One day I want to have a threesome with two girls. My fantasy is to be fucked doggie-style by a girl wearing a strap-on while I eat another girl’s pussy. I want them to make me their little sex toy and tie me up and do all kinds of naughty things to me. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind if two guys did that to me either.”

Hipster Honey

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baby_rachel, busty innocent latina!

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Sugar Tootsies

Sugar Tootsies

Is it possible for a girl to be totally perfect?

We don’t know, but Candance sure comes close. This is her first time in 18eighteen magazine and we’re predicting that she’s going to cause some waves. She’s a slim cutie, her tits are tiny and pointy and she’s totally horny. “Once I start masturbating, I just can’t stop! I love using a vibrator and anal beads at the same time.”

Candace isn’t a pussy virgin, but she is an ass virgin.

She may stick things up her butt when she masturbates, but Candace tells us that she hasn’t done anal yet. “But it’s definitely something I want to try,” she said. “When I use a vibrator and anal beads it makes me cum so hard and so long. I love it!” That’s what we like to hear. A girl who hasn’t done everything in the book…but is willing to try it out! So now you’re probably wondering what she has done. Here’s a kinky tidbit: “My best friend and I had a threesome in my Mustang. It was a tight fit, but it was really fun. What a lucky guy, huh?” We’d say so.

Teen lovers aren’t the only ones who like Candace.

Foot-men will have a thing for this cutie, too. We asked Candace what she thought her best feature was, and her answer was rather unusual for a teen girl: “Well, I like every part of me. My boobs and my butt, but I think two of my best features are my feet.” Tits and ass are essential to a girl’s overall hotness, but feet are often overlooked. “My first boyfriend told me that you can tell a lot about a girl by her feet. If her feet look nice, that means she takes care of herself.” Very true. And Candace takes good care of her tootsies, making sure she gets a pedicure every week. “I always make sure my toes look good. I like to have them sucked, so I’ve got to keep them looking nice. I started sucking my own toes at an early age, then stopped. But my first boyfriend loved to suck them, and that’s when I realized that I really liked it.”

Candace has even given foot-jobs before, and she liked it!

“There was this one time my ex was sucking my toes, and I got the idea to give him a foot-job. So I told him to lick the arches of my feet so they’d be wet, and I jacked him off that way. He came all over my feet. I thought it was pretty kinky, and we did it a lot after that.” But her feet are not the only things that Candace likes having sucked and fucked. “Of course I love oral and sex! What girl doesn’t? I love to have every inch of me kissed and sucked, but my clit is definitely the number one spot for a guy to put his mouth. I like my feet and all, but my pussy needs the most attention. And after he eats me out I always want to get fucked really bad. I cum the hardest when I have a dick inside my pussy. I just love sex and I need it like, every day.”

Sugar Tootsies

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Playing With My Pussy

Playing With My Pussy

Ally, do you have a masturbating ritual?

“That’s an interesting question because I do actually have a masturbating ritual. I do it in the living room when I’m home alone. That’s because I don’t have a TV or computer in my room at the moment, and a lot of the time I like to look at porn when I masturbate. So I usually have about two hours in the afternoon to get myself off before my parents get home.”

Sounds good so far. Please continue.

“I get naked, and I make sure I bring a toy and a towel so I don’t make a mess. Then I get comfortable either on the couch or on the chair in front of the computer, depending on where I’m going to watch porn. I like videos the most, so when I find something that I like I’ll sit back, spread my legs and get to work. When I’m having my afternoon delight, the rest of the world is dead to me. I don’t answer my phone or anything. Sometimes when it rings I can’t help but snicker to myself because I’m thinking, sorry, I can’t come to the phone right now. I’ve got a dildo in my hand! Wouldn’t that be funny if that were my answering message? If only my friends knew why I take so long to call them back!”

Now just what would they think, Ally?

“Actually, they probably wouldn’t care. Everyone masturbates, and if they deny it they’re uptight losers. A couple of my friends do know about my masturbating sessions though, and they like to call me and send me text messages to fuck with me. Like one guy will send me texts saying, ‘I hope you’re thinking of me right now’ and stuff like that. Another one will call me and leave a voicemail of loud moaning noises. It’s pretty funny, but I’m still not going to answer the phone while I’m gettingt busy with myself. I take masturbation very seriously. When I’ve got a hot porno scene playing on the computer and a toy buried in my twat, cumming is my number one priority.”

Have you ever gotten caught during one of your afternoon sessions?

“No. I can hear when someone pulls in the drive-way. There’ve been some close calls, but I’m pretty slick. I wish the guy I have a crush on would catch me though! How hot would it be if he showed up to my house while I was masturbating? I’d answer the door totally naked with a dildo in my hand and tell him, ‘I’m tired of this thing. Wanna help me out?’ My pussy would already be wet and everything! Now that’s one interruption I wouldn’t mind getting while I was masturbating!”

Playing With My Pussy

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